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Ideas from Darwin & Human Nature Conference: Tim Crane on Human Uniqueness

  Imitating for curiosity’s sake: what makes us uniquely human?     Ever since Darwin’s day, scientists have been seeking an evolutionary explanation for what differentiates humans from apes.  Many suggestions have been made, ranging from our brains to our … Continue reading

Top 10!

  Are humans inherently generous and sympathetic to others? Is there such a thing as an “instinct for truth” ? How do people around the world express their emotions? All these questions are discussed in Darwin’s correspondence. Darwin also writes … Continue reading

The ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ Project is under way !

Dr Sophie Defrance has been appointed research associate for the ‘Human Nature’ stream of the Darwin CorrespondenceProject.   Among the areas of interest for the ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ project are: * The development of Darwin’s theory of human origins … Continue reading