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‘Acts of Kindness’ Event, Saturday 23 March

As part of Cambridge Science Festival, on Saturday 23 March 2013, the Menagerie Theatre Company is holding a full day event ‘Acts of Kindness’, centred around ‘The Altruists’, a new play by Craig Baxter (writer of Re:Design and Let Newton … Continue reading

Black Venus

  The last movie in our film series was the controversial Black Venus (Vénus Noire, 2010), by director Abdellatif Kechiche. The film is based on the life of Sara Baartman, a Khoikhoi woman, who was exhibited in early nineteenth-century in … Continue reading


  Proteus is a bit of an Unidentified Film Object. A work that mixes documentary with animation, its subject is a scientist who walked a tight line between arts and sciences. Is the film a documentary or an artistic vision? … Continue reading

The Elephant Man

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, director of the National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield, was in Cambridge on Wednesday to introduce David Lynch’s movie The Elephant Man.   Thanks to world-wide publicity, magnificence of performance and make-up, (the Academy was prompted to … Continue reading

Inherit the wind

The Darwin Correspondence Project was presenting yesterday the first instalment of the Darwin and Human Nature film series, “Inherit the wind”.     If you ever have wondered about the title, it comes from Proverbs 11:29, which in the King … Continue reading

‘Darwin and Human Nature’ Film Series

22—31 October 2012   at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse 38-39 St. Andrews Street Cambridge CB2 3AR   Booking on: 0871 902 5720 or online here   The Darwin Correspondence Project presents a season of four films that explore the political, social … Continue reading

Ticklish baby!

    Darwin had began to test his theory about expression in 1867 by gathering  information on emotional behaviour through a questionnaire, originally hand-written and later printed, which he sent to a variety of correspondents around the world ; Darwin’s … Continue reading

Soulful eyes…

The discovery of the lesula, (Cercopithecus lomamiensis) a species of monkey previously unknown to scientists, has led to a number of articles highlighting the similarities between the soulful, large-eyed gaze of the monkey and numerous famous faces of art and … Continue reading

Reflections on a BBQ

  Our previous post blog post explored how curiosity and imitation could be unique human traits. But what helped us to evolve into the beings that exhibit these unique traits? A recent theory attributes our evolutionary success to, believe it … Continue reading

Ideas from Darwin & Human Nature Conference: Tim Crane on Human Uniqueness

  Imitating for curiosity’s sake: what makes us uniquely human?     Ever since Darwin’s day, scientists have been seeking an evolutionary explanation for what differentiates humans from apes.  Many suggestions have been made, ranging from our brains to our … Continue reading