The Darwin Correspondence Project was founded in 1974 by an American scholar, Frederick Burkhardt, with the aid of Sydney Smith, a zoologist in the University of Cambridge (UK). They originally set out to locate, research, and publish summaries of all letters written by Charles Darwin (1809-82), the most celebrated naturalist of the nineteenth century.

The ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ project is a new research and outreach initiative into the theme of Human Nature in Darwin’s correspondence.

With particular reference to the human sciences, and drawing on scholarship in anthropology, evolutionary biology, and modern European languages, researching Darwin’s correspondence will make it possible to develop targeted online teaching materials for schools and colleges around the world.

For more information contact:

Dr Sophie Defrance Research Associate, Darwin and Human Nature

The project is being developed with funding from :


The John Templeton Foundation





The National Science Foundation


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The Arts & Humanities Research Council


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