Monthly Archives: June 2012

Ideas from Darwin & Human Nature Conference: Tim Crane on Human Uniqueness

  Imitating for curiosity’s sake: what makes us uniquely human?     Ever since Darwin’s day, scientists have been seeking an evolutionary explanation for what differentiates humans from apes.  Many suggestions have been made, ranging from our brains to our … Continue reading

Bless you, Blackley! Darwin inspires pioneering hay fever researcher

You may not have heard of Charles Harrison Blackley (1820—1900), but if you are one of the 15 million people in the UK who suffer from hay fever, you are indebted to him. For it was he who identified pollen … Continue reading

New Darwin and Emotions Resources

Darwin’s work on the expression of emotions began with observations he made on the Beagle voyage.  After almost 40 years of collecting data (including observations of his own children) and thinking about the conceptual issues, he originally intended it to … Continue reading