Monthly Archives: October 2010

Darwin’s hobby-horse

When does a hobby become a scientific subject ? Thanks to Darwin’s correspondence, we can get an insight  into what  Darwin called “an uncommonly curious subject” and his very own “hobby-horse”. The “uncommonly curious subject” was the expression of emotions … Continue reading

The Darwin and Human Nature twitter feed

The Darwin and Human Nature twitter feed (DarwinHuman) offers the opportunity to discover Darwin’s correspondence in an exciting and unexpected way. Discover  Darwin’s routine on a typical day for instance, or read his advice to his son William on how … Continue reading

The ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ Project is under way !

Dr Sophie Defrance has been appointed research associate for the ‘Human Nature’ stream of the Darwin CorrespondenceProject.   Among the areas of interest for the ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ project are: * The development of Darwin’s theory of human origins … Continue reading