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Letter 8169

Wedgwood, L. C. to Darwin, C. R.

20 Jan [1872]


Gives results of probing worm-holes with wire.


6 Q. A. St.

Jan 20th

Out of 25 worm-holes probed with a blunt wire between Jan 6 & 14 on differentslopes for a few inches, 8 came to the surface nearly vertical to the slope;the rest at various angles.f1

I will try some more, and when I have dug some more trenches will send theresult about furrows

Postmark: JA 20 72
DAR 94: 1b



See letter to L. C. Wedgwood, 5 January [1872]. CD reported Wedgwood’s findings in Earthworms, p. 270, but did notcite her by name.
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