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Letter 8148

Mivart, St G. J. to Darwin, C. R.

6 Jan 1872


As a man of science, StGM has no choice but to pursue what he sees as the truth. Will happily admit he has misrepresented CD if CD will disclaim the position that StGM attacks.


7, North Bank, | N.W.

Janry. 6th 1872

My dear Sir

The way in which I have understood your meaning is one widelydiffused & shared by some of the most scrupulously conscientious& intelligent of my friends. If therefore I have “greatly misrepresented”your “views & conclusions”, sorry as I should be for my own sake tohave done such an unintentional injustice, yet for your sake, I shouldrejoice to have been the occasion of your correcting such wrongimpressions & so for ever doing away with delusions which otherwisemight impair your fame in the eyes of posterity.f1

Believe me I shall most willingly and gladly acknowledge myself tohave misunderstood (& consequently misrepresented) you as soonas ever you give me the pleasure of reading a disclaimer of what,with all regret, I cannot but regard as fundamental intellectual errors.

You will I am sure on reflection, readily acknowledge that as a manof science I have no choice but to pursue “truth” to the best ofmy ability in spite of consequences in the accidentally painful effectsof which I fully share.

Whatever may be the spirit in which you may be induced to judge myefforts I shall never be untrue to my published declaration as to thesesentiments of esteem with which I am | Yours sincerely | St G. Mivart

DAR 171: 198



See letter from St G. J. Mivart, 4 January 1872, and letter to StG. J. Mivart, 5 January 1872.
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