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Letter 8143

Mivart, St G. J. to Darwin, C. R.

4 Jan 1872


Sends his reply to Huxley’s criticisms [Contemp. Rev. 19 (1872): 168–97].


7, North Bank, | N.W.

Janry. 4th 1872

My dear Sir

I herewith forward, by book post, a separate copy of my reply toProf. Huxley’s criticism on the “Genesis of Species”—f1 I had hopedto have been able to have sent you at the same time my reply to MrChauncey Wright but owing to an accident I must wait till April whenI hope it will be out.f2

Wishing you very sincerely a happy new year | I remain | My dear Sir |Yours very truly | St Geo Mivart

To | C. Darwin Esq

DAR 171: 197



There are two copies of Mivart’s reply to Thomas Henry Huxley,published in the January 1872 issue of Contemporary Review (Mivart1872a), in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection–CUL; one is an offprint, andthe other has been torn from a copy of the Contemporary Review andis lightly annotated. Mivart also refers to his book criticising CD’stheory of natural selection, On the genesis of species (Mivart1871a). Huxley’s criticism of Mivart was also published inContemporary Review (T. H. Huxley 1871a).
Mivart published a reply to Chauncey Wright’s review ofGenesis of species (Wright 1871a, Mivart 1871a) in the April 1872issue of North American Review (Mivart 1872b).
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