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Letter 7986

Mivart, St G. J. to Darwin, C. R.

4 Oct 1871


Thanks for Chauncey Wright’s article. Admits it is clever, but hardly expected CD to think it a serious defence of his position.


7 North Bank | N.W

Oct. 4th 1871.

My dear Sir

You must kindly excuse my delay in thanking you for your compliance withmy request but I have only just returned home.f1 With regard to the articleI find on reperusal that it is undoubtedly clever but I should hardlyhave expected that you would think it worth republication as a seriousdefence of the position I attack. I am much vexed to find that MrMacmillan did not send you the copy I requested & I beg you tobelieve it was not my fault.f2

Believe me | My dear Sir | Your’s very truly | St Geo Mivart

C. Darwin Esq F.R.S. &c

DAR 171: 196



Mivart had asked CD for a copy of pamphlet in which ChaunceyWright’s review of his Genesis of Species had been reprinted (Mivart1871b, Wright 1871a, 1871b; see letter from St G. J. Mivart, 26 September 1871).
Mivart had asked his publisher, Alexander Macmillan, to send CD a copyof the second edition of Genesis of species (Mivart 1871b; seeletter from St G. J. Mivart, 26 September 1871). There is a verylightly annotated copy ofMivart 1871b in the Darwin Library–Down (see Marginalia 1: 588–9).
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