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Letter 7972

Darwin, C. R. to Mivart, St G. J.

27 Sept [1871]


Sends a reprint of Chauncey Wright’s article [“Darwinism”, North Am. Rev. 113 (1871): 63–103].


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

Sept. 27th

My dear Sir

I send by this Post the pamphlet; I did not do so before, as it is anattack on you & I thought it would be unbecoming on my part. Theauthor forwarded an advanced copy to me, & as I knew him to be highlyesteemed in his own country, (as a mathematician & a sound reasoner) & asthe article seemed to me & others very clever, though I do not agreewith all parts, I asked him whether I might republish it; & if so, tosend me a Title & any additions which he might please. To thisrequest he acceded, & I was glad to show to any who would take thetrouble to read it, that something could be said in mydefence.—f2 I did not notice any misrepresentations of your views init, & the remarks on the whole seem to me fair.—

I have procured a copy of the 2d Edit. of your Genesis, so I begyou not to trouble yourself by sending me one.—f3

My dear Sir | Yours faithfully | Ch. Darwin

DAR 185: 94



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from St G. J. Mivart, 26 September 1871.
The pamphlet was by Chauncey Wright, an Americanmathematician who had reviewed Mivart’s On the genesis of speciesfor the North American Review (Mivart 1871a and Wright 1871a and 1871b); see letter from St G. J. Mivart,26 September 1871 and n. 2. See also lettersfrom Chauncey Wright, 21 June 1871 and 1 August 1871, and letters toChauncey Wright, 17 July [1871] and 12 September 1871 and n. 3.
CD refers to the second edition of On the genesis of species(Mivart 1871b; see letter from St G. J. Mivart, 26 September 1871).
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