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Letter 7971

Mivart, St G. J. to Darwin, C. R.

26 Sept 1871


Has seen an article by Chauncey Wright [“Darwinism”, North Am. Rev. 113 (1871): 63–103] and has heard it has been enlarged and reprinted [1871]. As CD has been distributing copies StGM wonders whether he might have one.


7 North Bank | N.W.

Septbr. 26th 1871.

My dear Sir

Before leaving town I glanced at an article by a Mr C. Wright inthe North American Review.f1 From the misapprehensions &misrepresentations it exhibited I did not think as would repay carefulperusal but since my return I have heard that the article has beenrepublished enlarged—& perhaps somewhat modified—so that Ishould like to see it and as so many of my friends have received acopy from “Down” I write to ask you if you have still got a copy tospare & if so if you will oblige me with it?f2

Trusting that you are in at least as good health as when I had thepleasure of seeing you I remain | My dear Sir | Your’s very sincerely |St Geo Mivart

P.S. I hope Mr Macmillan has sent you a copy of my second Editionas I requested him to do?f3

C. Darwin Esqr.

DAR 171: 195



Mivart refers to Chauncey Wright and his review of Mivart’s On thegenesis of species (Mivart 1871a and Wright 1871a).
CD had arranged to have Wright 1871a reprinted in London as a pamphlet calledDarwinism (Wright 1871b) that he distributed to several of hisacquaintances (see letter to Chauncey Wright, 12 September 1871).
Alexander Macmillan’s publishing firm, Macmillan & Co., publishedMivart’s On the genesis of species (Mivart 1871a); the secondedition (Mivart 1871b) came out on 31 August 1871 (Gruber 1960,p. 70). There is a very lightly annotated copy of Mivart 1871b in theDarwin Library–Down (see Marginalia 1: 588–9).
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