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Letter 7509

Dawkins, W. B. to Darwin, C. R.

23 Feb 1871

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    Thanks for the present of CD's long-expected book [Descent].


28 Jermyn Street

23. Feb. 1871.

Dear Mr. Darwin,

I thank you very much for your kind present of the long expected work, which I am devouring as I can steal time from many occupations. I hope that you are none the worse for the great expenditure of energy in its production.

I am | Dear Mr. Darwin | Yours truly | W. Boyd Dawkins

Charles Darwin Esq.

P.S. I am delighted to realize that the artisans and mill-hands of Manchester and Oldham read and understand and believe in your books. They club together to buy them.

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    Dawkins's name appears on CD's presentation list for Descent (Correspondence vol. 19, Appendix IV).
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    Dawkins lived in Manchester (letter from W. B. Dawkins, 8 February 1871).
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