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Letter 7451

Mivart, St G. J. to Darwin, C. R.

22 Jan 1871


Thanks CD for vol. 1 of Descent. Feels nothing but sympathy and esteem for a writer labouring for the promotion of what he conscientiously believes to be the truth.


7, North Bank, | N.W.

Sunday Janry 22d 1871.

My dear Sir

I have duly received Vol I and I thank you very much for it. I havedevoted the greater part of this morning to reading it which I am doingwith the greatest interest and shall count upon duly receiving Vol IIwhen ready. I think it was exceedingly kind of you to send it. Asto my sending mine to you it was a plain duty.f1

I do not see how anyone can reasonably feel anything but sympathyand esteem for a writer zealously & industriously labouring for thepromotion of what he conscientiously believes to be truth.

You know that I do not believe you see the whole truth—butthen I am quite sure I do not see it myself! I hope you willfavour me with the opportunity of another chat when you come to townand in the meantime with best regards remain | Your’s very sincerely |St. G. Mivart.

DAR 171: 190



Mivart refers to Descent and Mivart 1871a. See letter toR. F. Cooke, 17 January [1871], and letter from St G. J. Mivart, 19 January 1871.
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