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Letter 7450a

Darwin, C. R. to Mivart, St G. J.

21 Jan [1871]


Is obliged for StGJM’s book [On the genesis of species (1871)].

Would not have sent him vol. 1 [of Descent] if he had known that StGJM’s book was already published.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Jan 21

My dear Sir

I am very much obliged for your kind present.—f1 It will take me some timeto read it, as I can read but little of anything which requires much thought.If I had known that your book was published I would not of course have directedvol. I of my book to be sent to you;f2 nor do I suppose you will care much aboutit. It will probably excite your indignation. I always console myself withthinking that I have done my best

Yours very sincerely | Ch. Darwin

Postmark: JA 21 71
Bonham’s, New York (dealers), 11 June 2008



CD refers to Mivart 1871a; see letter from St G. J. Mivart, 19 January 1871 and n. 1.
CD refers to Descent; see letter to R. F. Cooke, 17 January[1871] and n. 4.
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