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Letter 4373

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, K. E. S. & Wedgwood, M. S. & Wedgwood, L. C.

4 [Aug 1862]

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    Their enumeration [of forms of Lythrum?] is invaluable. He will write later to explain what he is trying to prove about Lythrum through laborious crosses.

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    Asks for flowers of both forms of Hottonia to measure pollen and compare stigmas.




My dear Angels!

I can call you nothing else.—

I never dreamed of your taking so much trouble; the enumeration will be invaluable. I will write this evening if possible & explain what I have very little doubt is the case with Lythrum, & which I am daily working to prove by most laborious crosses.—

But I write now to ask whether you will be more angelic than angels & send me in tin, not tightly packed, with little damp (not wet) moss (perhaps tied round stems??) 2 or 3 flowers of both forms of Hottonia: I much wish to measure pollen & compare stigmas.—

GoodBye | My dear Angels | C. Darwin

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    f1 4373.f1
    The date is established by the relationship to the letters from M. S. Wedgwood, [before 4 August 1862] and [6 August 1862].
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    f2 4373.f2
    See letter from M. S. Wedgwood, [before 4 August 1862] and n. 2.
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    f3 4373.f3
    CD apparently wrote a further letter (see letter from M. S. Wedgwood, [6 August 1862] and n. 3), but it has not been found. On CD's crossing experiments with Lythrum salicaria, see, for example, the letter to Daniel Oliver, 29 [July 1862] and n. 6.
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    f4 4373.f4
    See letter from M. S. Wedgwood, [6 August 1862] and n. 2.
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