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Letter 1297

Darwin, C. R. to Steenstrup, J. J. S.

25 Jan [1850]

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    Thanks JS for fossil cirripedes. Discusses the specimens. Sends thanks to J. G. Forchhammer for specimens.


Down Farnborough Kent

Jan 25th

Dear Sir

I am quite delighted in at last being able to tell you that your Box with the fossil cirripedes has arrived quite safely this morning.— It is a great load off my mind.— Not one specimen is injured, except, perhaps, some of the valves of your Anat(?) cretæ.— It is a noble collection, & I feel most grateful to you for having entrusted them to me.— I have now a great many collections in this house, so that I have good means of comparison.— Most of your species, as far as a hasty first glance tells, are different from the British. Your P. medius. is the same as P. sulcatus of Sowerby; & instead of being a Pollicipes, it is a Scalpellum, though these genera differ much too little.— The P. elegans I have (unnamed) from our Chalk.— I will do my best in comparing all the specimens which I have now together; but I am not hopeful of producing good results: I much dislike giving specific names to each separate valve, & thereby almost certainly making three or four nominal species for each true species.—

I am extremely pleased to see the Alepas. The cause of the great delay was in Prof. Forchhammer having sent the box within another to a dealer in minerals, who uncourteously did not take the trouble to inform me. Please to tell Prof. Forchammer that owing to his note I have got the Box, & pray give him, & accept yourself my most cordial thanks.— I will take great care of your specimens.— I hope now that this Box has arrived safely, that you will add to your already great kindness, & send me the northern species alluded to in your former letter.—

I will hereafter write again to you.—

Pray believe me | my dear Sir | Yours most gratefully | C. Darwin

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    f1 1297.f1
    See letters to J. G. Forchhammer, 12 November and 1 December [1849], and to J. J. S. Steenstrup, 30 December [1849].
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    f2 1297.f2
    Anatifera cretæ, a synonym of Scalpellum (?)cretæ. The ‘(?)’ indicates that CD ‘felt much hesitation in admitting this species in the genus Scalpellum’ (Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 45).
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    f3 1297.f3
    See Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 26, where Pollicipes medius and P. sulcatus are both listed as synonyms of Scalpellum maximum.
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    f4 1297.f4
    Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 76.
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    f5 1297.f5
    Alepas squalicola (Anelasma squalicola). See CD's letters to Sven Lovén, 12 November 1849, and to J. J. S. Steenstrup, 30 December [1849].
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